Clutch Towels Make Life Easier

For years, people who were into swimming, yoga, long-distance biking, or even hiking have used microfiber towels because they are super absorbent, quick-drying, and fold up small. But what about the rest of us? Wouldn't a towel like that, in bright, fun designs, make packing for sports, activities or travel easier?

Microfiber is different from cotton because of the fibers. They are split to be several times thinner than a human hair. This creates a larger volume of surface area, so a microfiber towel can absorb more water than a cotton towel of the same size. This unique, thin fabric also dries 3 times faster than traditional cotton towels. Even hanging them up to dry is easy and so much quicker than waiting for heavy cotton towels to dry.

The suede-like surface easily shakes off sand, and because they are so thin and lightweight, even a large towel like our 5-foot long beach towel can fold up small, making it ideal for bringing to camp, the beach, on a hiking trip, or even for travel. Each folded towel is neatly held together by a unique and convenient elastic band. 

Bright, beautiful, and soft as suede, these towels are clutch in every way!