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It’s funny how you can go to a place to get away from work and thinking about your company, only to wind up getting an idea for a new one.

I worked in corporate America for 17 years and built a career in marketing and brand management. I had developed products and brought them to market, but had never done it on my own. 

And yet there I was, at the beach with my kids wanting to just relax and enjoy the summer, and I couldn’t help but think about this idea I had for a new kind of towel.

The thing is, I got inspired. I have a creative mind so when I get an idea into my head, I just can't get it out. (As you can imagine, my husband loves this about me.)

And this happens to me a lot. As a kid, I used to paint and sell personalized shoelaces to classmates. After that, I designed and sold locker decorations to my middle school friends. I have always been artistic and entrepreneurial, so I thought a career in marketing was a good fit for me, but I kept on pursuing my own endeavors while I was working at my day job. I self-published a children's book for my kids when I had an idea for a story about a crime-solving pigeon from London. I created and wrote a webseries when I had an idea for a comedy about two best friends living in Boston. And now I had an idea to make life easier with towels you could take anywhere. 

Can you blame me for wanting to figure this out? Every time we went to the beach we would have to cram these big, heavy beach towels into the biggest bag we had, and there would still be no space for anything else. I've also lost count of all the hectic summer mornings before camp when I'd be rushing to get to work only to be delayed because I could never fit those bulky beach towels into my kids’ already full backpacks. And then at the end of the day, I'd have to fish a wet, heavy, mildew-smelling towel out of the bottom of their bags, only to do it all again the next day.

With so many great life hacks out there already, there had to be a better way. And I was determined to find one.

Then I remembered something I read about microfiber. It was super-absorbent, quick-drying, but really thin and compact. So I spent the next several months researching, getting samples, ensuring quality, and checking every detail. I asked everyone I knew what they thought about towels. (Oh yea, I was fun at parties!) “Here!” I’d say, shoving two samples in their hands. “Do you feel a difference between these two towels? And if so, which one do you like better?” It became a bit of an obsession, but I was determined to create the ultimate take-anywhere towel.

And now they’re finally ready to share! Super-absorbent and quick-drying towels that are fun, beautiful, hassle-free and handy? That's what makes them so Clutch!

See for yourself. Clutch towels make life easier. And much more fun.

All the best,

Jan & The Clutch Crew (which right now is basically me and my family, when bribed with chocolate)